2020 Goals {new year intentions}

Thursday, January 09, 2020

Should I or shouldn't I? Is the question that always comes to mind when January first rolls around and New Years Resolutions are on everyone's lips. In one sense, I'm the kind of person that absolutely thrives on goal setting and to-do lists and, let's be honest, I live for that feeling of checking off my accomplishments as and when I achieve them. But, on the other hand, I also don't like the expectation that comes with transforming yourself just because the date on the calendar has changed. Whether its waiting for a new day, week or year, I think it can be really easy to put off chasing your dreams just because it isn't the 'right' time to kick-start a new goal. With that being said, I'm moving away from the concept of resolutions - of forcing myself to do something just because its a new year - and, instead, I'm setting up some goals and intentions or, really, just a few things I'd like to achieve and work on this year!

{spend more time doing and less time planning}

I'm an unashamed list maker and, like all Type A-ers, I love a good planning sesh but, over time I've come to realise that there's definitely such a thing as too much planning! When it comes to planning projects, there's a tendency to plan for perfection but, when you're just starting out with something, perfection can be near-impossible to achieve and so, time and time again, plans get pushed to one side until the 'right time' but - SPOILER ALERT - there's no such thing! That's not to say planning has suddenly been made redundant but, this year my aim is to stop letting a fear of imperfection get in my way of trying things because, without getting started, I'll never get where I want to be!

{expand my comfort zone}

The list of things I want to try is, quite honestly, endless but, when an afternoon in my dressing gown with a cuppa in hand and some YouTube on in front of me seems like such an attractive prospect, I find it a little too easy to put off adventures until next weekend. It might be cold and I might be tired but when I look back at 2020, I want to remember the adventures and the challenges - not just the cosy afternoons (though they'll still be a regular feature, I'm sure).

{spend more time in nature}

Some of my favourite YouTube videos to watch are those of people travelling the world (often in a van) and soaking up the surroundings of every place they visit. These videos create a wanderlust like nothing else but I want to make sure I'm harnessing the right inspiration from them. Spending less time living vicariously through a screen and more time out there experiencing nature for myself is the goal for this year.

{squeeze everything I can from yoga teacher training}

My Yoga Teacher Training starts in March and, honestly, it's been a while since I've been this excited about something. I'll only have the opportunity to do my 200hr training once so I'm determined to get everything I can from it and build myself the best possible foundation for starting my teaching journey in Summer. Yoga is a lifelong journey and this training will just be the start but I'm so excited to begin!

So, those are the goals I'll be working on and the intentions I'll be guiding myself through the next 12 months with!

What goals will you be working on in 2020?

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