Mine by Emily Merrill {blog tour review}

Thursday, November 21, 2019

It's always exciting when one of your highly anticipated reads finally hits the shelves but it's even more exciting when that book was written by one of your friends! November 18th saw the release of Emily Merrill's debut novel, Mine and I couldn't have been more excited to be asked to take part in the blog tour by Bookollective. Having met Emily through the world of booktube earlier this year, I've been lucky enough to chat about this wonderful debut with the author herself but, having finally had the chance to delve into the pages of Mine for myself, I'm so excited to be able to share my thoughts and hopefully encourage a few more people to pick up this incredible novel.

{Mine - Blurb - my copy of mine was gifted by Bookollective}

Avery and Luke are solid. The love they have is the envy of her friends. So when he joins her at university, she's pretty sure that life can't get much better. 

But something is changing and when Avery makes a new friend in the brilliant writer Beckett, she starts to see a new side to the man she loves. A side that scares her. 

As their relationship begins to spiral, she's faced with a life-changing decision. 

Should she fight for her boyfriend? 

Or should she fight for herself? 

{My Thoughts}

Emily's debut novel, Mine, follows the life of second-year university student, Avery, as her boyfriend of four years, Luke, joins her for, what she hopes, will be one of her best years yet. As we meet her at the beginning of the novel, Avery has an almost perfect life - academic success, ambition, wonderful friends and a steady relationship that is the envy of everyone around her and yet, just as Avery expects her life to keep getting better, things start to take a turn for the worst.

From my conversations with Em, I knew that Mine was a novel focused on toxic and abusive relationships however, as I'd never read a book centred around this topic before, I really didn't know what to expect. Mine, however, managed to explore the subject of coercive control in an extremely organic and believable way that made me really glad I'd finally had the chance to learn more about this subject. Though I can't speak from personal experience, I found Mine to be a really enlightening reading experience which highlighted the way that toxic and abusive relationship patterns can creep into relationships in a way that is, initially, so subtle that the victim doesn't realise what's happening until they feel trapped.

As a Young Adult novel, I feel that Emily did an amazing job of highlighting not only the typical issues facing university students as they step into adulthood but also of the way that abusive relationships can and do impact young people. Due to the age of the protagonist and the subject matter that this book deals with, Mine definitely falls on the older end of the YA spectrum which, for me, was wonderful because I've noticed a significant lack of YA books targeted at those young people who fall somewhere between being a teenager and being an adult and this book, which was so focused on the theme of responsibility and independence, filled that gap perfectly!

As well as falling into an age category I felt I could really relate to, Mine was also set in the beautiful city of York - a place that felt very familiar to me, here at home in Yorkshire. Though the setting certainly wasn't the most important part of the story, it was truly lovely to see a place I know and love brought to life so vividly by Emily.

Overall, this book deals with the, oh so relatable issue of struggling with what to do when your life starts to change and, suddenly, the path you always expected and wanted to take no longer seems so attractive. But in and amongst all of the important issues this book so adeptly tackles, Mine is a story of friendship and hope - oh, and lots of hot chocolate, of course!

Mine was such a well written and compelling debut that I can't wait to see what Emily does next!

Mine is available to order from Waterstones, as well as plenty of other places so make sure to grab yourself a copy and settle down for a read with a hot chocolate (because if you don't want one now, Avery will be sure to make you crave one before you're done with her story)!

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