Temple Coffee and Donuts {vegan eats in Leeds}

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Before discovering Temple Coffee and Donuts, my life was a boring donut-less black hole. Okay, that's slightly dramatic, there are other accidentally vegan donut options from places like Co-Op and Morrisons but, compared to the huge variety of non-vegan donuts available, my options felt a bit dull. That is, until I stumbled across Temple Coffee and Donuts.

Having noticed a few local vegans talking about Temple, I dragged Jay along to check them out and, from the moment we stepped into the (absolutely packed) shop, I was blown away. Although this probably makes me sound like a terrible vegan, I have to admit, when I saw how incredible their donuts looked, I genuinely thought it was a non-vegan donut shop that offered a couple of vegan options (oh how wrong I was).

When we stood in line on our first visit, I was frantically scanning the counter looking for the donut that said 'vegan' and then my eyes clocked the beautiful sign that said 'all donuts vegan' and my jaw actually dropped. All of the donuts on offer are absolutely gigantic (I'm talking, head-sized huge) and they all look beyond delicious. The sheer range of choice was actually kind of overwhelming, everything looked so bloomin' incredible and, before even sinking my teeth into my first donut, I knew I'd found a new favourite spot.

Since that first trip I've eaten more donuts than I'd care to admit... Temple launch a new donut menu every season as well as randomly releasing specials to mark particular occasions, so there's always something new to try! I'm yet to try a donut that I don't enjoy but some standout favourites are; Cinnamon Sugar, Birthday Cake, Candy Floss and The Orange Triangle.

Of course, it's only fair to mention the 'coffee' element of Temple Coffee and Donuts because they have an absolutely stellar range of drinks on offer too. With pink, purple, black and yellow coffees on offer, the drinks are almost as aesthetically pleasing as the donuts and, although it doesn't actually affect the flavour, they also produce some cracking latte art. When I'm not drinking tea, I'm usually a hot chocolate gal so I can highly recommend their hot choc which is chocolately and creamy but not so sweet that it leaves you feeling sick. I'm also a huge fan of their Golden Mylk Latte which is packed with cinnamon and takes incredible, but some of my colleagues at work are big lovers of the Pink Floyd.

Since discovering Temple at the beginning of 2019, it's quickly become the place where most of my money has been going! I also happen to work just round the corner and, despite being the only vegan at work, I'm now surrounded by an office full of Temple Donut addicts!

Everything on offer at Temple is top notch and I really can't recommend them highly enough! I'll warn you, once you've tried one, you won't be able to stop but, with that in mind, get yourself down to Temple Coffee and Donuts as soon as you can - you won't regret it!

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