Vegan Food Favourites {october}

Monday, November 05, 2018

In case you hadn't guessed yet, I love food! I love to make food, I love to eat food and, possibly most of all, I really love to talk about food. So, partially because of my love of all things foodie and partially because so many amazing new Vegan food options keep popping up, I decided to share a monthly favourites post featuring all of the best and most delicious foods I tried that month. So, without further ado, here are all of the best foods I ate in October.

Vegan Magnum. Although dairy free Ben and Jerry's was massive vegan breakthrough, I literally couldn't contain my excitement when I spotted a vegan version of my pre-vegan ice cream van favourite - the mighty magnum! As any sane person is, I'm definitely the kind of person that has to nibble off all the chocolate before digging in to the ice cream and biting through the chocolate of my vegan magnum was such a nostalgic feeling! The vegan magnums are available in both plain chocolate and almond flavour and both are ridiculously tasty! These ice creams combine the crisp, crunchy chocolate and creamy vanilla ice cream that makes magnums so delicious and I'm definitely a little addicted! (ps. although these ice creams are delicious, I'm totally holding out for a white chocolate vegan magnum which would totally complete my life).

Pret almond butter bites. To add to their, already fabulous, vegan range, Pret introduced some dark chocolate almond butter bites and I am a huge fan! Although almond butter encased in rich dark chocolate is a really simple treat, the Pret bites just taste so bloomin' good. A perfect combination of sweet chocolate and lightly salted nut butter, I've been loving these bites as a little energy-boosting sweet treat. I also found them to be the perfect alternative to the Pret vegan cookie because, when I'm in the mood for an indulgent and filling sweet treat, the cookie is the perfect choice and when I fancy a lighter snack, the almond butter bites are a fab choice so, basically, if they weren't already, Pret is just the best cafe for vegans!

Coconut Collaborative salted caramel pots. Along with, well, the rest of the world, I'm a sucker for salted caramel I mean, who can resist that sweet and salt combination - not me, that's for sure! So when I spotted some salted caramel chocolate pots in Tesco, I just had to try them. Despite the deceptively tiny tubs these treats come in, these salted caramel pots were so delicious and surprisingly satisfying for such a small treat. I'd say these pots taste like a really rich chocolate ganache with a salty-caramelly undertone and, despite being so easy to grab from the fridge, they taste so indulgent it feels like you're tucking in to a really fancy dessert. I was also super impressed that the pots didn't really taste of coconut at all which was a pleasant surprise as coconut is usually such a dominating flavour! So, these indulgent pots of chocolatey caramel goodness have been my go to dessert when I'm in the mood for something super decadent.

Alpro custard. Custard is, without a doubt, one of the most nostalgic flavours there is and, somehow Alpro have managed to make a vegan custard that tastes just like the custard of my childhood. My love of Alpro custard has definitely undergone a resurgence since the arrival of autumn, the time of year otherwise known as apple crumble season. I really don't care what anyone else says, apple crumble just isn't as good without custard and a homemade apple crumble totally covered with Alpro custard is by far the best meal I've eaten this October!

Costa sticky toffee & pecan cookie. As part of their autumn menu, Costa decided to add a vegan cookie to their menu and, much to my own surprise, I'm actually a big fan! As a die hard fan of the Pret cookie, I wasn't expecting to fall for the Costa cookie but, as soon as I sunk my teeth into their toffee filled cookie, they won me over. Granted, the Pret cookie is still my favourite, but the Costa cookie is a really close second and I'm so happy they've now got a good vegan treat on their menus! The highlight of the cookie is, of course, the super gooey toffee centre and I'm planning to spend my autumn eating as many of these cookies as possible because, as they're seasonal, I don't know how long they'll last!

What were your favourite foodie finds this month?

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