Seven Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

As is inevitable when you work in a school, I've been hit hard by a bad cold this week so, in all honesty, this week has definitely been characterised by lots of tea, cosy clothes and a healthy dose of feeling sorry for myself. But, as I can always rely on good food and tv to get me through an illness, here are some of the things that have been making me smile this week (when I haven't been a sniffling mess, that is).

Vegan Magnum. In my pre-vegan days, I was a sucker for a magnum, there's just something about the crunch of the crisp frozen chocolate and the intense vanilla flavour of the creamy ice-cream that I just couldn't resist, so you'd better believe that when I heard rumours of a vegan Magnum, I headed straight to the supermarket to grab a pack! And, oh my, all I can say is I'll definitely be indulging in my fair share of Magnums from now on because the vegan version is just as tasty as I remember the original!

Cookies. Tuesday afternoon, pre-Bake Off, baking is by far my favourite weekly tradition because, let's be real, any tradition that leads to baked goods is bound to be a favourite. This week I whipped up some chunky white chocolate chip cookies and, oh my god, they were delish and I probably made my way through a few too many whilst watching this week's Bake Off episode.

Candles. This week has been super cold, grey and rainy which, in my opinion, definitely constitutes candle weather so on a gloomy evening, I decided to dust off my most cinnamon-y autumn candles and, aside from work, have been cosying up in the most delicious smelling bedroom ever since.

Bojack Horseman. The new series of Bojack Horseman was released on Netflix this week and, once again, I've been blown away by how surprisingly dark, witty and gripping a cartoon about a horse-man can be!

Winter coat weather. Early September is such a hard month for my wardrobe because while the mornings are always chilly, it's usually boiling hot by mid-afternoon, by which point the jumper that seemed like a fab choice at 7am has become hellishly hot. But, as the month draws to a close, the weather is definitely getting cooler and cooler so this week, I've been able to get cosy in my winter coat without worrying that I might actually melt on the drive home from work.

Solo movie. Although I saw it twice in the cinema, I was surprisingly excited to watch the Han Solo movie (again) when it came out on DVD this week and while, admittedly, I did fall asleep during this Saturday night movie, I definitely enjoyed a re-watch of this, seriously funny, Star Wars movie.

Pizza Express vegan oven pizza. Pizza express recently released a vegan oven pizza and, as a huge fan of their vegan menu, I was so ready to get my hands on it this week and I can definitely confirm that, while it's not quite the same as the restaurant quality pizzas, it was a seriously delicious oven pizza that will definitely be a regular Saturday night treat in my kitchen.

What's been making you smile this week?

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