Seven Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Monday, August 27, 2018

After three weeks of admiring the mountains, oceans, old towns and leaning towers of Croatia, Slovenia and Italy, we're home! I've had the best time exploring so many new places over the past few weeks but I'm also super happy to be back in England and enjoying some home comforts and, yannno, my own bed! But, between enjoying our final week of travelling and settling back into a routine at home, I've had, yet another, a brilliant week filled with lots of smiling so here are some of my highlights. 

Pizza. I'm deadly serious when I say that my diet is around 80% Italian food because, let's be real, who doesn't love pizza and pasta?! So you'd better believe that while I was in Pisa, my main source of nutrition was a whole lot of, albeit veggie topped, pizza. And, although it kind of goes without saying, the Italians really do do pizza best and I really was living my best life while soaking up the sights of Pisa and eating all the pizza. 

Gelato. Although I was definitely eating my fair share of pizza, pudding definitely goes in a separate stomach, so I had no trouble with trying out all of the delicious vegan gelato I could get my hands on.  On leaving Pisa, I was actually quite impressed with the amount of gelato I managed to eat and, after trying so many flavours, I'm fairly confident that strawberry and lemon are the tastiest flavours out there. 

War and Peace. Throughout our final travel week, Jay and I decided to re-watch the BBC adaptation of War and Peace and, yet again, I was just blown away by how phenomenal this adaptation is. From the actors, to the settings to the amazing music, everything about this adaptation is really bloomin' wonderful and I don't think I'll ever get bored of watching it. 

Balcony breakfasts. I'm sure I've made it pretty clear by now that I love mountains so it's safe to say I was pretty ecstatic to discover that our air bnb in Pisa had a balcony with the most gorgeous mountain view and it made the perfect slow and relaxing sunny breakfast spot. 

Tea. Tea, tea tea... I really love tea and, distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder because, after three weeks of travelling in places that definitely favour coffee over the humble cuppa, I was so ready to get home and enjoy a hot cuppa (or 10) in my favourite cat mug. 

Greys Anatomy. I'm a sucker for a good medical drama and after randomly catching an episode of Grey's Anatomy, I was hooked. Fortunately (or, not so fortunately for my productivity) someone let me know that the whole series is available on amazon prime so, you'd better believe that my final week of summer will be made up of finding out exactly how much Grey's Anatomy I can fit into one week of viewing. 

Cold weather. Okay, I know summer is great and all but, after a few weeks of heatwave at home and three weeks of travelling in Europe, I was so, so ready for some cooler weather when we got home on Saturday and  England has not disappointed! Since getting home, I've actually been cold for the first time in forever and, as it's currently raining, I've been soaking up all the cosy vibes by curling up on the sofa in my favourite hoodie, drinking tea and watching Grey's Anatomy. 

What made you smile this week? 

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