Seven Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Sunday, August 19, 2018

This week started with a road trip from Croatia to Slovenia and, as well as just being relieved to escape the intense heat, I was so excited to finally be in a country that I've been looking forward to exploring for months and Slovenia has definitely not disappointed. Since arriving here I've quite honestly been in awe of this beautiful country and this week has been jam packed with exploring and soaking up everything this area has to offer. So, in a week spent exploring a wonderful new place, I've spent a whole lot of time smiling but here are some of my highlights!

Kombucha. As a vegan, I feel like I'm way behind on the kombucha trend because I can never seem to find any in Leeds, but this week in Slovenia, I finally stumbled across some bottles of this, rather odd, fermented beverage and I can safely say, I'm hooked! After trying, and instantly becoming addicted to, a pineapple peach kombucha, my main concern has been where I'll be able to find some good 'booch once I'm at home.

Organic Garden. Since arriving in Slovenia, it's become pretty clear to me that this country is really vegan friendly! Whether I'm in the supermarket, a cafe or a restaurant, there's always plenty of, well-labelled, vegan options but, after trying out plenty of vegan friendly places, I think Organic Garden is definitely my favourite! Organic Garden is a pretty small cafe, with a whole lot of vegan options from paninis and croissants to fully loaded burgers and brownies and, if I'm honest, I'm going to be more than a little gutted to leave this cafe behind when we move on from Slovenia!

Sorbet. Another thing Slovenia has in abundance is ice-cream and almost every ice-cream stall we've come across has had a ton of 100% fruit sorbets available and you'd better believe I've been making the most of them at every opportunity. I'm fairly certain that, by now, I've tried pretty much every sorbet available and, while they're all delicious, passionfruit has definitely been a highlight.

Lake Bled. Just a 40 minute drive from our air bnb in Ljubljana is one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited, Lake Bled. A small town, located amidst some epic mountains is pretty much my ideal place and, with a huge lake featuring a tiny island that houses a beautiful church, Bled is basically a next level small mountain town and we've been spending so much time there! Between rowing on the lake, sheltering from some crazily heavy rain and trying out the local vegan restaurant, Bled has been the perfect spot to chill out and get lost in a good book.

City cycling. When we've not been chilling out at Bled, we've been exploring the beautiful city of Ljubljana and, because our air bnb came with bikes, we've been saving our feet and getting around by cycling. With a dedicated bike path on pretty much every street, Ljubljana has been the perfect place for some city cycling and it's been making getting around and seeing as much of the city as possible so much easier and way more fun!

Jamaica Inn. Since finishing seven books in seven days for the booktubeathon, my reading pace has definitely slowed down and, for the past week or so I've been making my way through Daphne Du Maurier's Jamaica Inn. I finally finished the book this week and, really, all I can say is wow. As a lover of Du Maurier's best known novel, Rebecca, I was a little sceptical of Jamaica Inn because I really thought nothing could beat Rebecca but, after finishing Jamaica Inn, I can now say I not only have a new favourite Du Maurier novel, but also another novel to add to my list of all time favourites.

Mountains. Although Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, it really doesn't feel like a big city and I'm fairly certain that that's because, as a small country full of trees and mountains, you could really go anywhere in Slovenia and still feel like you're in the midst of nature. It's no exaggeration to say there are mountains everywhere here and I'm absolutely loving being surrounded by magnificent mountains everywhere I turn.

What put a smile on your face this week?

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