Seven Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Sunday, July 08, 2018

This week has been ever so wonderful in so many ways, primarily because we've been blessed with yet another week of warm and sunny weather which has allowed me to spend plenty of time outside reading, chilling out, exercising and, oh yeah, actually getting a little bit of a tan (which is literally unheard of for a pale gal like me). Although, as a lover of Autumn, I can definitely enjoy the cosy vibe of a dark and cloudy day, the bright weather we've had this summer has been filling me with a ton of energy and has left me feeling super productive which is never a bad thing! So, after another summery week, here are my highlights.

Getting a 2:1. I started off this week as a bit of an anxious mess because at 9:30 on Monday morning, I was due to find out the final classification of my English Literature degree. So, with baited breath, I logged on to the university portal and was relieved to find out that I'd gotten a 2:1! Although by the end of the course, I really loved my degree, there were plenty of times throughout the three year course where I really struggled to balance my office job with my studies and, at times, just to enjoy the course at all so coming out with a grade I'm actually happy with is such a great feeling and means I can finally start getting excited about graduation.

Wuthering Heights. This week I picked up (and totally devoured) Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights and I'm quite confident that it's the best book I've picked up in a long time! Partly because I'm from Yorkshire and partly because I love a dark and gothic classic, I found it so easy to get lost in the moors of this story and, if you haven't read it yet, I'd totally recommend it!

Peach & apple crumble. In my opinion, there is no question that the best dessert on the planet is fruit crumble - it's just so bloomin' delicious. So, this week I put a summery spin on the classic crumble with a peach and apple crumble that I managed to eat in record time. It was the perfect combination of summer fruits and comforting desserts and you can find my recipe here on the blog!

A very hot run. Despite the, ridiculously, hot weather we've had recently, Jay and I decided to brave the humidity and go for a run this week. As we put our trainers on, I started to question why on earth we'd run in such hot weather but we did it anyway and actually managed to keep up our usual pace and have a really enjoyable run! We picked a route that was mainly based in the woods and the shade was exactly what we needed to be able to smash out a decent run in the heat.

Trek Protein Chunks. Lately I've been trying to switch up my lunches so that I'm not eating a massive plate of toast every day. Thanks to the weather, I've been enjoying a whole lot of cooling smoothies, but I'm definitely the kind of person who also likes to actually eat something along with my smoothie and the Trek Protein Chunks have been the perfect little sweet treats to nibble on as I sip on my smoothie.

Empty gyms. As you're probably aware, the World Cup has been going on recently and it turns out that when England games are on, the gym is really, really quiet (and I love it). Jay and I did our Saturday session while the game was on and, including us, there were five people in the gym, it was literally a dream session and I kind of wish it could be that quiet all the time.

Dress shopping. My graduation ceremony is on Tuesday but, as I'm the kind of person who refused to allow myself to get excited until I'd gotten my results, I left it to the very last minute to find myself an outfit. Luckily I managed to find a really lovely, summery dress that I absolutely love and feel totally confident in and I'm now starting to get quite excited (as well as nervous) for my graduation day.

What made you smile this week?

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