Seven Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Sunday, July 01, 2018

Although, technically, this week has been a run of the mill work week, it's been so bloomin' hot that, when I've not been at work, I've genuinely felt like I'm on my summer holiday which, let's be real, is never a bad feeling! I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever seen so many consecutive days of sun in England and I'm pretty sure I've soaked up more vitamin D in the past week than I have in years. I've spent the majority of this week enjoying every last drop of sun that I could because, hey, this is England and there's no telling how long our summer will last and, in my sunny post-work afternoons, there has been plenty to smile about so, here are my highlights.

Lentil dahl. I am, for sure, the kind of person that gets a little too obsessed with foods and then proceeds to eat them until I get totally sick of them and, in the past, lentils have definitely been that food and lately, I've been on a little bit of a lentil hiatus. Thankfully, I seem to have taken a big enough break from lentils and this week, I had a sudden hankering for a big bowlful of lentil dahl. Although I'm no curry expert, my lentil dahl definitely hit the spot and made such a tasty mid-week dinner.

Gym shorts. Normally, I'm the kind of person that gets ridiculed for wearing a coat in summer because I'm usually always cold but this week, even I had to give in to the heat and dust off some of my summer clothes. One item of clothing that has been a total lifesaver has been my new gym shorts because, let's be real, working out in the heat is enough of a struggle without throwing thick, tight gym leggings into the mix too. But, if I'm honest, working up the courage to actually wear shorts to the gym wasn't easy but once I did it, I realised that no one else was looking at my workout outfit and I left feeling a whole lot more confident about my summer workout clothes.

Livia's Kitchen Millionaire Shortbreads. This week I finally got around to trying the Salted Caramel Millionaire Bites from Livia's Kitchen and I was literally blown away! These little bites tasted so good, that I was left a) in disbelief that they're RAW(?!) and b) planning my next trip to the supermarket to stock up. I'm fairly confident that these treats are going to be my next food obsession and I definitely need to get my hands on some of the other snacks in the range.

Sunny evening walks. Although my mornings this week were spent at work, the afternoons and evenings were free to enjoy the beautiful weather and Jay and I have been doing just that by making sunny evening walks a part of our routine. It's been the perfect way to get some extra steps in as well as enjoying the bright, warm evenings while they last.

Summer freckles. Thanks to both Irish and Scottish genes, I'm really pale and often end up looking more like a ripe tomato than a golden goddess when summer rolls around. But one thing I am blessed with, is freckles that pop up as soon as they see the sun and, if I do say so myself, they are rather cute!

Peach iced tea. One afternoon this week, I met my mum and sister for a catch up in Starbucks and, it's safe to say that I definitely didn't fancy my usual almond milk hot chocolate and even iced coffee seemed a little too rich for the heat, so I set out to find something cool and refreshing. I ended up settling on their new peach & citrus iced tea which ended up being the perfect light and cooling drink for a hot afternoon.

Filey. On account of this week's heatwave, Jay and I decided to head to the seaside this weekend and visited the beach at Filey. When we arrived, it definitely wasn't as warm as we'd hoped and, while it was 25 degrees in Leeds, the sea wind meant it was only 15 degrees on the beach. But, seeing as we were already there, we decided to take our chances and go for a swim in the sea anyway. I'd like to say our swim was invigorating but actually, it was just bloomin' well cold but, despite the cold, it was a whole lot of fun to splash around in the sea for a while!

What made you smile this week?

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