Seven Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Sunday, June 10, 2018

This week I headed back to work after a week's holiday and, as is always the case after a holiday, I spent the week feeling much tireder and hungrier than usual. So, when I've not been at work, I've been taking it slow by spending my afternoons filming some videos, reading and, of course, drinking all the tea! So, here are all of the things that have been making me smile on a slow, chilled out week.

Embracing the curls. Although you probably wouldn't be able to tell from looking at any of my pictures, I actually have super curly hair which I straighten pretty much daily and lately, all of the heat has been catching up with my natural hair which has been looking drier, frizzier and well, more Hagrid/ Monica from Friends in Barbados than beautiful beachy curls, if you know what I mean. So, in an effort to make my hair a lot healthier as well as appreciate my natural curls, I've been making a conscious effort to use way less heat on my hair and, after just a couple of weeks, my hair is feeling stronger and I'm definitely feeling way more confident in my natural curls.

Pesto pasta. Recently I put together a recipe for pesto that's both vegan and oil free as well as really bloomin' delicious (if I do say so myself). And, I'm sure we can all agree that while pesto is a great addition to a ton of meals, pesto pasta is by far the most delicious way to enjoy some fresh pesto. So, naturally, I've been consuming all of the carby bowls of pesto-y goodness this week and I'm definitely happier for it.

Baby swans. Back in the beginning of May, Jay and I noticed a pair of swans nesting in the lake at our local park and, as we saw signets in the lake last year, we've been checking back on them every week to try and spot some babies. After seeing the mama swan sitting on her nest for what seemed like an eternity, this week we finally spotted some fluffy grey signets. The babies were still nested under the mama swan and must be pretty young but I'm super excited to see them out and about on the lake over the next couple of weeks.

Wood-fired pizza. This week we went out for a midweek pizza and, while spontaneous midweek pizza outings always taste great, the pizza I demolished on Thursday was exceptionally good. I mean, seriously good, I'm talking a crispy wood-fired base, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes and spinach aka all the good stuff and we finished our meal with some refreshing lemon and blood orange sorbet so, if you ask me, it was a pretty fab dinner.

Skipping. Yes, that's right, skipping and, no I'm not ten but Jay and I picked ourselves up some skipping ropes this week to mix up our HIIT cardio at the gym. Lately we've been getting a sweat on by incorporating the stair master, battle ropes, box jumps, boxing and, now, skipping and our gym sessions have been feeling way more fun and intense because of it.

Summer clothes. There are several things I really enjoy buying, like food, mugs and new books but clothes shopping has never been my thing and I'm probably a little too happy wearing the same outfit over and over again. But, as Jay are going on a fab holiday this summer, I thought I might need to bulk out my summer wardrobe a little so I managed to find some super cute dungarees, some lovely tops and some running shorts, yanno, just in case we fancy working out while we're away.

Starbucks vegan cake. Last summer Jay and I visited Munich and Berlin and I was so pumped to discover that Starbucks in Germany had two, really delicious, vegan muffins and, let me tell you, I took full advantage of that fact while we were away. But, it's safe to say that I was more than a little gutted to come home to Starbucks counters that were distinctly lacking a delicious vegan option. Thankfully, this was finally rectified this week as Starbucks introduced a vegan chocolate and raspberry cake that was just as tasty as the vegan muffins in Germany and will make a perfect accompaniment to my almond milk classic hot chocolates.

What made you smile this week?

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  1. I loved this post Ciara, it is such a cute idea! I'm so glad I found your blog, I cant wait to sit down with a cuppa and have a binge read!

    Niamh (Grab A Cuppa) xox

    1. Thanks Niamh! I love writing these posts - almost as much as sitting down with a cuppa and binge reading blog posts hahah! Hope you enjoy! xxx