Seven Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Sunday, June 03, 2018

When it comes to typing up these posts, focusing on the positives always leaves me feeling like I've had a good week but when I say that this week has been fabulous, I really mean it, in fact, it's probably been my favourite week in a while and, if I'm honest, I'm a little sad that it's over. This week started with a trip to the cinema to see Solo for the second time (what can I say, it was that good!) and it's finishing with the chillest of Sundays filled with reading, youtube and lots of tea but, in between, there have been plenty of things making me smile so, here are my highlights.

A mini-break. For my 21st birthday, my mum wanted to give me 'an experience' as a present and so she booked Jay and I a mini-break in Snowdonia. We spent the first four days of this week enjoying my birthday present in Wales and definitely had the best time. We stayed in a little hut on a glamping site at a b&b called Llwyn Onn and it was perfect! Our hut had the cosiest bed and a sofa but we spent most of our time on the picnic table outside because it was the perfect spot to relax and soak in the amazing countryside views.

Waterfalls. If there's one thing Snowdonia has in abundance, well, aside from all the mountains, it's waterfalls - seriously, they are everywhere. When we weren't chilling out and reading at our accommodation, we were out exploring the amazing nature the area has to offer and I was seriously blown away by all of the beautiful waterfalls we managed to find.

Coconut & chia cake. When packing for our mini-break, I made sure to bring loads of food because I didn't have very high hopes for vegan options in the middle of a national park but, oh how wrong I was! At the place we were staying, the host provided me with soy milk, soy yoghurt, vegan butter and Linda McCartney sausages which was so thoughtful and appreciated but, while we were out in a small town, we stumbled across a little cafe that I was just in love with. The cafe was The Alpine Coffee Shop and, as well as being very environmentally friendly with a focus on palm oil free foods, they also had loads of vegan options. I was a little spoiled for choice but I went for their coconut and chia loaf cake and I was very glad I did because it was delicious.

Alpacas. So, although it's pretty clear that I there are loads of things I loved about the place we were staying, the highlight would have to be the three alpacas, Freddie, Dandy and Beano, who just wandered around the glamping site looking so bloomin' adorable. Alpacas were definitely not on the list of animals I expected to see in Wales, but I loved them and am now 100% convinced that I need a little alpaca herd of my own.

Belgian buns. Although I'm all about trying local businesses, we did stumble across a Greggs on our travels and, as it has been a few months since my last accidentally vegan Belgian bun, I just couldn't resist picking one up. It was sticky, sweet and absolutely lathered in icing aka everything you could want in a Belgian bun and, it was delicious. 

Podcasts. I've been listening to podcasts quite a lot lately and, with no wifi on our mini-break, they really were a life saver this week! Some of my favourites have been Couples Therapy by Casey Neistat and Candice, Talking Tastebuds by Venetia Falconer and The Joe Rogan Experience which is a little intense but has some very interesting content about fitness and nutrition. For me, the great thing about podcasts is that they can be super entertaining as well as really educational and they're a great way to occupy your mind whilst exercising or working on the laptop.

Rainy mornings. We had some great weather in Wales this week but, after getting home on Thursday we were met with clouds and some, rather horrendous, humidity. Thankfully, on Saturday we woke up to some really refreshing rain and Jay and I headed straight out for a morning walk. We came home soaking wet and my hair was ridiculously curly but the rain felt so refreshing that it was probably one of the nicest walks I've had in a while.

So, it's back to work tomorrow! What's been making you smile this week?

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