Vegan Creme Eggs

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Before going vegan, I was a Creme Egg addict through and through, I mean, I could get through an obscene amount of those little gooey eggs and they were, by far, the best part of the Easter period. Naturally, after going vegan, I thought that my Creme Egg days were behind me but, after two Creme Egg-less years, I decided enough was enough, I absolutely had to figure out a way to make my own because it's just not Easter without a Creme Egg. I was pretty ecstatic to discover that Creme Eggs are actually surprisingly easy to make and, as they're just as gooey, sweet, chocolatey and well, let's be real, overpoweringly sweet as the originals, they've been going down a storm with vegans and non-vegans alike in my house! With only three ingredients, this recipe makes sure that vegans don't need to miss out on the best Easter treats this year.

For 6 Creme Eggs You Will Need:
- 200g dark chocolate - I used Bournville for a classic Cadbury's Creme Egg
- 350g icing sugar
- vegan yellow food colouring
- a silicone egg mould

Start by filling a pan about half way with boiling water and placing on the hob on a medium heat.

Break your chocolate into pieces and place into a heat proof glass bowl, then place the bowl onto the pan of water and allow the chocolate to melt.

Once melted, place around 1 tablespoon of melted chocolate into each egg mould, spread evenly then place the mould into the freezer for around 15 minutes.

As the chocolate sets in the freezer, split your icing sugar into two bowls, one of 300g and one of 50g.

Combine the 300g of icing sugar with water a little at a time until you're left with a thick fondant icing.

Repeat with the smaller bowl of icing sugar but add a drop or two of yellow food colouring to make your yolks.

Once the chocolate has set, place around 2 teaspoons of white icing into each mould, followed by around half a teaspoon of yellow icing in the shape of a yolk.

Seal the top of each egg with around a teaspoon of melted chocolate then place in the freezer to set for a further 15 minutes.

With any left over chocolate and icing, you can put together some fun creme egg puddles! Simply place a teaspoon of chocolate onto a sheet of baking paper and spread to look like a chocolate puddle then freeze for around 5 minutes. Once set, top with icing and you've got some tasty creme egg puddles to nibble on!

After allowing the eggs to set, you're ready to dig in to the tastiest Easter treat - these eggs keep best when stored in the fridge (that is if you don't eat them all immediately)!

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  1. This is my first vegan Easter and I miss creme eggs too! I will be trying out your recipie but I'm not a huge dark chocolate fan so will use a "milk" vegan chocolate instead. Yuuum. Thank you for this :D

    Tea in the Tub

    1. Creme Eggs really are the best, so I'm sure this recipe will satisfy your cravings! I used Bournville because even though it's technically dark chocolate, it has so much sugar that I don't think it tastes all that dark! Everyone in m house loved them even though they don't usually use dark chocolate but I'm sure vegan milk chocolate will work just as well! Let me know what you think of the recipe when you make them!:)