Seven Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Sunday, February 04, 2018

And, just like that, January is over! I know that everyone always likes to complain about just how long January feels but, between exams, university and work, my January just flew by and I'm certainly not complaining about it. Although the weather really doesn't feel like it, the start of February means that we're one step closer to spring, which is never a bad thing. So now that we're on to the final month of winter, here are just a few of the things that have made me smile this week.

Peanut butter. In my experience, there aren't many things that peanut butter can't make better, it's just so good. My peanut butter addiction has been getting a little out of hand lately but hey, it's healthy and it tastes great so I might as well enjoy it! I've been trying my hand at nut butter making recently and this week I whipped up a simple but delicious batch of peanut butter and coming home to a hot drink and a slice of peanut butter on toast for lunch really is one of my favourite parts of my day.

Oatly cappuccinos. Whenever I'm making a drink at home, unsweetened almond is always my milk of choice but at university this week I came across a cafe that stocked Oatly and, naturally, I just had to try! Having been a while since I last used an Oatly milk, I'd forgotten just how creamy their barista milk is in a cappuccino and it made the perfect luxurious pick me up for a long day of classes.

Rainy walks. Jay and I have spent the last few weekends complaining about the never ending stream of grey and gloomy days we've been having because, let's be real, rainy days aren't always very exciting and they're really not the best for photography and drone footage. But faced with yet another rainy day this Saturday, we decided to get over ourselves, stop complaining and just get outside anyway and I'm so glad we did! Granted, we might not have been able to shoot much footage but life doesn't always need to be lived through a lens and it was really refreshing to get wrapped up, go for a walk and just enjoy being outside.

Pancakes. Pancakes are one of those meals that I absolutely love but can rarely be bothered to make, but with pancake day just around the corner I decided to perfect my recipe this weekend!  I kept my ingredients simple and oil free and topped the pancakes with fruit, syrup, peanut butter and granola which made a pretty epic weekend treat as well as a welcome change from my usual toast for lunch.

University. Throughout the past three years, I've had a bit of an up and down relationship with university, I definitely haven't always enjoyed my classes and there have been plenty of doubts about my choice of course but now that I'm in my final semester, I am so glad I powered through! As well as being excited about finishing university, I'm actually really enjoying the classes I've picked for this semester and it's really nice to be excited about studying again.

Salt and pepper bread. Recently, Jay picked up a Salt and Pepper Bloomer from Morrisons and it's safe to say we're both just a little bit obsessed. The bread tastes ah-may-zing (think tiger bread, only better) and it's the perfect dipper for a hot bowl of soup on a cold day.

Super moon. This January ended with a super blue blood moon and it was spectacular. If I'm being honest, I think the moon always looks pretty epic but with a totally clear sky, this moon was amazing to see. Although it looked pretty incredible on Wednesday night, it looked even more impressive the next morning. My drive to work on Thursday morning was much more picturesque than usual and a pink sunrise along with the ginormous moon made getting out of the house way easier!

What's been making you smile this week?

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