Three Healthy Vegan Lunch Box Snacks

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Lunch has always been my least favourite meal because, unless I'm at home for a bowl of oats or some toast, I can never decided what to eat. But because I like to be as healthy as possible and don't like to rely on eating out everyday, I like to make sure I'm always armed with plenty of healthy snack items. Of course, whole foods are always best so fruit is usually my number one snack choice and making your own snacks is always fun, but when I don't have any homemade snacks on hand and I'm in need of a little more sustenance than fruit provides, here are three of the healthy snacks that usually make up my lunch box.

Nakd Bars. For me, lunch just isn't complete without a sweet treat but, generally, I could do without a super processed snack because the last thing I need is a mid-afternoon sugar crash! Made entirely of raw, whole foods, Nakd bars are the perfect way to satisfy my sweet tooth with real ingredients. My favourite flavour (by far!!) is Cherry Bakewell which is made with just dates, raisins, cashews and a hint of natural flavour and tastes ah-may-zing. The Nakd flavour range is massive, so you'll be sure to find a flavour as much as I love Cherry Bakewell.

Eat Real Snacks. Eat Real crisp snacks, made from pulses and whole grains, are a much healthier alternative to traditional crisps. Both lower in fat and higher in protein, these snacks are an ideal healthy lunch box swap but, as they've got the same satisfying crunch and flavour of normal crisps, your lunch won't be lacking! Some of my favourite flavours are the Tomato and Basil Hummus Chips and the Sour Cream and Chive Quinoa Chips, both of which are packed with flavour and are unbelievably moreish! They're a great accompaniment to any sandwich or wrap but my favourite way to eat them is alongside a snack-sized pot of hummus for dipping. You can find these snacks in health food shops, Holland and Barrett and most supermarkets.

Deliciously Ella Energy Balls. My go to afternoon snack when I need an energy boost is a Deliciously Ella Energy Ball, they're not too filling but give you just the right amount of energy to power through the rest of the day. The balls come in five flavours; cacao almond, almond blueberry, cashew ginger, hazelnut raisin and coconut oat. They're all packed with flavour and seriously delicious but my favourites are the cashew ginger and hazelnut raisin because their spicy cinnamony and gingery flavours are perfect alongside a hot cup of chai tea.

What are your favourite healthy lunch box snacks?

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