Seven Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Sunday, January 21, 2018

With no exams or classes on the cards, I've had one of the most chilled out weeks I've had in a while and yet, somehow, I've also been the tiredest I've been in ages! We've also had a pretty gloomy week of winter weather so, because University starts next week, I've taken this week as a bit of a rejuvenation week to make sure I'm feeling my best when classes start. Although I usually enjoy keeping busy, sometimes dialling it back a bit to re-energise is exactly what I need, so here are some of the things that have made me smile on my quiet week.

Homemade cashew butter. Since getting a new food processor last week, I've been trying out plenty of recipes that I've wanted to make for ages. As a self confessed nut butter addict, I decided to whip up a batch of my own cashew butter this week because a) it's really expensive to buy at the supermarket and b) I like to make sure my nut butters don't contain any unnecessary ingredients. I was seriously surprised by how easy it was to make and, because I was making the butter from scratch, I decided to jazz up the cashews with a cinnamon raisin flavour that tastes absolutely divine on a hot slice of toast.

Horrible Bosses. Judging by the many tweets I post about tea, toast and early nights, I think it's pretty clear that I live the least student-y lifestyle ever, so this weekend, mine and Jay's idea of a wild Saturday night was switching it up from Friends and watching both the Horrible Bosses movies with our pizza. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but to me, settling down with a pizza and a good movie is my idea of the perfect way to spend a Saturday evening.

Pinterest. For me, Pinterest is that app that I always forget to use, but this week I re-downloaded the app and remembered how great it can be! Whether you're looking for inspiration for recipes, interior design, hairstyles or bullet journal spreads Pinterest has everything and I'm (just a little) obsessed. I'm also hoping to start using the app to share my own recipes which should be an interesting experiment!

Getting back to the gym. Recently we've somewhat abandoned the gym in favour of running outdoors and I've been loving getting outside for a run most days but this week, the weather really wasn't in our favour so we decided to head back to the gym. We had a pretty chilled out week and only fit in a couple of sessions, but I really enjoyed getting back to some box jumps and battle ropes and I'll definitely be trying to find more of a balance between outdoor running and gym sessions in the future.

12 hour sleeps. Although I'm an early bird and have to wake up at 5:30am on weekdays for work, I always make sure I get at least 8 hours sleep because without enough sleep, I really cannot function! Generally, 8 hours a night keeps me ticking over but by this Friday, I resembled an actual zombie and after falling asleep on the sofa and eventually dragging myself to bed, I managed a whole 12 hours asleep and when I woke up on Saturday morning, I felt ah-may-zing.

Porridge for dinner. I've been dealing with, what I think may be, a food intolerance lately and by Wednesday this week, I was feeling awful. I'm still in the process of trying to figure out what's making me feel so ill, but I decided to try and give myself a break this week by simplifying my diet and only eating things that I know make me feel good. This meant eating a whole lot of toast, smoothies and, most importantly, porridge for dinner. Simplifying my diet was a really great way to reset and (fingers crossed) I've been feeling great ever since.

Cold Pressed Pumpkin Power Juice. Usually I never buy smoothies because the smoothies I can make at home are way cheaper and, because they're not pasteurised, they're healthier too. But whilst I was doing my food shop this week, I spotted some cold pressed juices on offer and I couldn't resist! The Pumpkin Power flavour tasted so good and made for a really tasty, albeit expensive, healthy treat!

What's been making you smile this week?

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