Seven Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Christmas is officially over and everything jumped back to normality this week but aside from, yanno, actually being back at work, I've really been enjoying the start of the new year and there are no January blues in sight. I'm definitely the kind of person that doesn't wait for a new year to start working on my goals, but I do like to use the new year as an opportunity to review my goals and progress and it usually leaves me feeling rejuvenated and even more ready to keep working towards my goals. So, alongside my New Year motivation, here are some of the things that have made me smile this week.

Ingleton Falls. Before the holidays ended, we wanted to get outside as much as possible and enjoy our free time while it lasted, so on New Years Eve, we drove out to Ingleton Falls for a long walk. Waterfalls are pretty much guaranteed to make for a beautiful walk, but Ingleton had so many waterfalls which were gorgeous and made for a pretty darn impressive backdrop to our walk. Naturally, the drone came out on the walk with us, and while we got some great footage for Instagram, let me tell you, flying a drone over a waterfall is a lot scarier than it looks!

New Years Eve. Last Sunday was New Years Eve and Jay and I spent the evening in our favourite way, with lots of pizza and Black Mirror on the TV. I also polished off the last of the Christmas gingerbread whilst setting up my January bullet journal and setting some of my 2018 intentions, which left me feeling 100% ready to smash the New Year!

Four day work weeks. When Tuesday rolled around, I was more than a little gutted that I had to go back to work because the 2nd of January just seemed a little too soon to jump back into the real world. But, as always, work wasn't quite as bad as I imagined it would be and, starting back on a Tuesday meant that I had a four day week which was perfect for the first week back.

Post-run smoothies. Jay and I have been running most days lately, and my favourite way to rehydrate and refuel afterwards has been with a big green smoothie. Green smoothies are always a staple of mine in the summer, but they usually go out of the window in the winter because it's just too cold. But, I've found that pairing a cold smoothie with a hot coffee really counteracts the shivering and means that I can enjoy my favourite drink, all the time!

Friends on Netflix. If there's one show I could genuinely recite all of the lines to, it would have to be Friends. I was obsessed with this show from around the age of twelve and even though I used to have all of the box-sets and it's on Comedy Central all the time, I was beyond excited when it got added to Netflix this week. After finishing Black Mirror, we were stuck for something to watch so Friends came at just the right time plus, watching Friends as I eat my breakfast has been making the first week of 5:30 alarms that little bit easier.

Toast. Now, it's probably no surprise that, as a food blogger, I love food (a lot), and while trying out new things is always fun, in my eyes, you just can't beat a plain and simple slice of toast. I mean, I'm never quite sure how something so simple can taste so good, but it does and I'm definitely not complaining. As university hasn't started back yet, I've been able to come straight home from work and the promise of a hot cuppa and a few slices of toast waiting for me is making my work go way faster.

New vegan milk at Costa & Starbucks. The first of January marks the start of Veganuary, a month where, this year, over 100,000 people are trying out veganism for a month. While the fact that so many people are trying out veganism is exciting in and of itself, it's also super exciting for those of us who are already vegan because so many companies bring out new plant based ranges in January. Two companies who really delivered this week are Costa, who introduced coconut milk, and Starbucks, who added oat milk to their growing list of plant based milk options. Although people usually associate vegans with soy milk, I'm really not a fan of the taste in hot drinks so I was beyond happy that there are now an abundance of soy free milk options at my favourite cafes - although my bank account might suffer because I'm sure I'll be enjoying a lot more coffee now!

How was your first week after the Christmas holidays?

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