How I Stay Organised With A Bullet Journal

Thursday, January 25, 2018

After admiring the aesthetically pleasing, neat-freak's dream, planners that are bullet journals for the longest time, I finally picked up a journal last summer and took the plunge into the oh-so-organised world of bullet journalling. I've now been using my journal for around six months and I can safely say that I am obsessed. Starting my journal was a little daunting because the spreads that make their way around social media are absolutely flawless. I was also a little overwhelmed by the 'rules' that made starting a bullet journal seem totally unobtainable. So when I started my journal, I decided to simply use the aspects of bullet journaling that appealed to me and forget the ones that didn't because the beauty of the bullet journal is that you design your own planner. Bullet journalling can be as artsy and complicated or as simple and to the point as you like, my journal falls somewhere in-between, so here's how I use my bullet journal to stay organised.

For me, a bullet journal is the perfect all in one planner, I predominantly use it to plan out my days and make sure that when I'm balancing my work hours, studies and blog posts, I'm always organised. But aside from generally planning my weeks and months, I also have pages where I keep track of my reading lists, recipe ideas and blog plans and, on occasion, I've also used a habit tracker to keep track of healthy habits like my step count and water intake.

Some people like to set up their journals week by week and others plan their's way in advance but I like to set up my journal a month at a time. My monthly spreads usually include a title page, a monthly overview and a weekly spread for each week of the month. The title page is really just a way to divide my months up, but it's also a great way to get creative and it's usually where I pick my colour scheme for the month. My monthly overview includes a calendar where I can note down any appointments and important dates, a tasks and goals section where I set myself some targets and keep an eye on deadlines and a notes section in case there's anything else I need to jot down over the month. And finally, my weekly spreads contain a section for each day where I keep track of my university schedule, work hours and blog post schedule. There's also a space for me to note down something that makes me smile each day, which I call 'daily gratitude', as well as a to-do-list and a to-make-list, where I plan out which blog recipes I'll be making each week.

So, why is a bullet journal any better than a normal planner? Well, for me, the flexibility is key, my journal can contain everything I want and need it to and I don't need to waste any paper on pages that I won't use! As both a creative person and a perfectionist, being able to meticulously design a planner that suits me is definitely my idea of fun and, with a new theme every month, it's a great way to get creative. But mainly, as a self-confessed notebook addict, I have bought (and failed to use) a ridiculous number of diaries and planners, which I often begin using and eventually forget about. Bullet journaling has been different because instead of just filling in a planner that someone else has designed, I've been constantly involved with the upkeep and design of my journal which means I've stayed interested and organised!

Bullet journaling has not only helped me to be more organised and productive than I've ever been, but it's also been the most fun way to stay on top of my schedule and I love it!

How do you stay organised, have you tried bullet journaling?

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  1. Bullet journal seems like such a good idea! Loved this :)
    Maeve // REFLECT

    1. Bullet journals are seriously fab! Glad you enjoyed - thanks for reading!