Vegan Hot Chocolate - Three Ways {blogmas day 4}

Monday, December 04, 2017

As the season of chocolate-y indulgence, December is the only month of the year when I'm willing to push aside my favourite hot drink, tea, for hot chocolate because, in the run up to Christmas, there really is never a bad time to enjoy a big mug of chocolate-y indulgence! On account of my Christmas-induced hot chocolate addiction, I've tried a lot of hot chocolates and I've narrowed it down to three go-to drinks that mean I've got a perfect hot chocolate for every occasion!

"The Decadent One"
When you're settling down for a cosy evening of Christmas movies, the only kind of hot chocolate that will do the trick is a fully loaded mugful of sugar, that tastes like a creamy cup of liquid chocolate. Made with Cadbury's hot chocolate powder, luxurious and velvety cashew milk topped with vegan whipped cream and marshmallows, this decadent drink can only be described as a mug full of sweet, chocolatey heaven.

You will need:
1 mug cashew milk
4 heaped teaspoons Cadbury's drinking chocolate
Vegan marshmallows
Soya whipped cream

Start by placing your cashew milk in a pan and simmering gently until hot. One hot stir in your chocolate powder and once combined, transfer to a mug. Then top generously with vegan squirty cream, plenty of vegan marshmallows and a sprinkle of hot chocolate powder, then enjoy this luxurious mug of chocolate-y indulgence.

"The Healthy One"
This refined sugar free hot chocolate is the perfect option for those days when you want a hit of chocolate-y indulgence without a sugar rush!

You will need:
1 mug unsweetened almond milk
4 teaspoons Sweet Freedom Choc Shot

Simply heat your almond milk in the microwave until hot, stir in your Choc Shot and enjoy!

"The High Protein One"
Whether you're a seasoned gym-goer or you'd just like to add some more protein to your plant based diet, turning the average protein shake into a creamy hot chocolate is a sure fire way to make getting plenty of protein easy and delicious!

You will need:
1/2 scoop chocolate vegan protein powder
1/2 mug Oatly Barista Style oat mylk
boiling water

Start by adding half a mug of boiling water to your protein powder, stirring well until there are no lumps. Heat your oat mylk in the microwave until warm, then froth using a handheld milk frother. Once thick and frothy, add your milk to the water and protein powder and enjoy this easy, high protein treat!

Now you're all kitted out for hot chocolates for every festive occasion - enjoy!

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