Seven Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Sunday, December 31, 2017

As always seems to happen in the second week of the Christmas break, I've spent the majority of this week not entirely sure what day it is and I'm currently very confused about a) how it's already Sunday and b) how the heck its 2018 tomorrow, seriously, where did the time go?! I've spent the majority of this week, wrapped up in cosy clothes, eating all of the chocolate, watching all of the good TV and enjoying the festivities, as well as trying to squeeze just a little revision into my busy schedule of relaxing! So, it's safe to say I've had a pretty great week, but here are some of my highlights!

Christmas Day. There were no Monday blues this week because it was, arguably, my favourite day of the year -  Christmas, and I was beyond excited. Being the mature adults that we definitely are, Jay and I woke up at 6am to open presents and drink hot chocolates. We then spent the rest of the morning visiting my family, before coming home for Christmas dinner. I got a little lazy with my vegan Christmas dinner this year and ended up just eating (a lot of) potatoes and veg but, if you ask me, you can't get much better than that. And, of course, the day ended with the Festive Bake Off, lots of chocolate and a bit of a food coma - perfect.

New PJs. Along with socks, one gift I can always rely on at Christmas time is new pyjamas and, I love it, because what better gift could there be for the time of year when all you want to do is get cosy and stay inside?! I got two new sets of super cosy pjs this Christmas and, best of all, I got a fluffy dressing gown that has become my second skin.

DJI Spark Drone. Jay surprised me with a drone this Christmas, it was totally unexpected and very exciting! When we've not been getting cosy inside and eating our bodyweight in chocolate, we've been outside getting to grips with this little device. I'm still not totally confident with flying it, but it has been getting me some epic footage which I'm really excited to share!

Fitbit. I've wanted a Fitbit for the longest time, so I was so excited when my dad got me the Blaze for Christmas. Keeping track of my steps has been interesting and, as I'm trying to hit 10,000 most days, it's been helping me make sure I'm not being too inactive over the festive period. But mostly, I've been loving having a more accurate device to track my running progress.

Black Mirror. Among all of the lighthearted Christmas specials on TV at this time of year, the new series of Black Mirror was released this week and, although it's definitely not very festive, I was 100% ready to settle down with my Christmas chocolate and binge watch the whole series. As expected, the series didn't disappoint and, as usual, left me gobsmacked and, well, a little shellshocked.

Snow. We didn't quite have a white Christmas this year as the snow seemed to be running a little late, but on Thursday morning we woke up to heavy snow, and headed straight out for a long walk. Because we managed to get out quite early, the snow still looked perfect and we got some beautiful drone footage. We spent the rest of our snow day our favourite way, in pjs, with a hot chocolate in hand and Netflix on the TV. Oddly, when we woke up on Friday, all of the snow had disappeared and it was as though it hadn't snowed at all so I'm glad we got at least one snow day this Christmas.

New mugs. As I'm sure I've mentioned a thousand time before, I am a little bit addicted to buying mugs like, seriously, I'm running out of cupboard space! But, my friends and family definitely seem to have gotten them memo because I managed to collect five new mugs this Christmas, FIVE! And, I'm not going to lie, I was genuinely buzzing because, when you love tea as much as I do, you can never have too many mugs.

What did you get up to this Christmas?

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  1. girl you are preaching to the choir! i also got dressing gown for christmas and have barely taken it off since, its so snug and cosy and soft!

    ahhhh yes black mirror is back! i need to watch that, any episodes youd recommend?! or just the whole lot haha?

    wishing you all the best for 2018 lovely!

    katie. xx

    1. Yes!! Once I put that dressing gown on, it's not coming off! And, so far my favourite episode of the season has probably been Hang The DJ, but honestly, they're all really good! Hope your 2018 gets off to a great start too! xx