Seven Things That Made Me Smile This Week {blogmas day 17}

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Work and university are finished for the year, it's officially the Christmas holiday and, more importantly, it's a little over a week until Christmas Day (!!) and I am beyond excited. I'm planning a break filled with wintery walks, running, good food and Christmas movies but, right now I'm just excited that I don't need to set any 5:30am alarms this week. As is always the case in the last week before the holidays, my excitement was building all week so here are some of the things that have been making me smile this week!

Finishing War and Peace. I've been chipping away at Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace for what feels like an eternity, but this week I finally finished it! Although I'm usually a pretty quick reader, reading this mammoth of a novel alongside my degree and job has meant it's often been put on a back burner for other priorities. But, I actually really loved the book, and, at over 1200 pages, I felt unbelievably accomplished when I closed it for the last time!

Vanilla Coffee. I'm usually a tea person through and through but recently, I've been enjoying a few coffees alongside my daily quota of chai. But, as I'm trying to save a little money by cutting back on my coffee shop trips, I've been using the Littles flavoured coffees, and with a little added coconut sugar, they taste so good! My personal favourite is the vanilla which tastes ah-may-zing!

The Apprentice. Alongside The Great British Bake Off, The Apprentice is one of the few shows I actually watch on TV because everything else seems to be on Netflix! I get seriously excited for The Apprentice every year and I love that fact that there are so many episodes! This week was the interview episode, which is so brutally funny that it's probably my favourite episode of the series! The final is on this evening and I cannot wait!

Vegan Donuts. Social media exploded with rumours of new accidentally vegan donuts at Morrisons this week and, as they were one of my childhood favourites, I was so excited! Jay and I headed out to find some this weekend and we were in luck as our local Morrisons had them! They were just as good as I remembered them and at only 50p for 5 donuts, they're a seriously tasty bargain!

Winter Runs. Although my natural instinct in winter is to stay inside and avoid the cold at all costs, Jay and I have been heading out for a few wintery runs recently and, as it turns out, I kind of love them. I, somewhat reluctantly, went for a snowy run this week but as we ran into a herd of adorable and friendly cows, it turned out to be totally worth it! Because it can be so easy to shelter inside wishing the winter away, I'm making a real effort to get outside and actually enjoy this winter and running is turning out to be a great way to enjoy some nature this season.

Christmas Movies. I've actually been slacking a little with my Christmas movie watching this year, but this week we managed to watch The Holiday and The Office Christmas Party and I'm already feeling 10x more festive! I've still got all of the classics to watch but as it's the holidays now, I'll have plenty of time to get festive this week!

The Last Jedi. As it's been two years since The Force Awakens, Jay and I were so excited to go and see The Last Jedi this week. As soon as I finished work on Friday, we headed to the cinema, popcorn, sweets and an obscenely large Pepsi Max in hand and, without giving anything away, the film was epic and is definitely worth a watch!

With only one week left until Christmas, this week is sure to be a busy one but there will definitely be plenty of time for festive fun!

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