Seven Things That Made Me Smile This Week {blogmas day 3}

Sunday, December 03, 2017

After, what felt like, an eternity of waiting, December finally arrived this week and, here in Leeds at least, it actually brought snow which has left me feeling more festive than ever! Needless to say, it's been a pretty chilly week and I've been drinking a lot of tea, coffee (and really any hot drink I can get my hand on) to try and stay warm! But the arrival of December means that I'm feeling far too festive to mind the cold too much! As this week brought with it the first few days of the best month of the year, I've found plenty of things to smile about, but here are some of my highlights.

Christmas decorations. Although there are some people who like to wait until later in the month to decorate, I like to enjoy as much festivity as I possibly can, so all of my decorations come out on December 1st. As well as decorating the tree at Jay's house, I also went to my mums to help decorate and decorated the tree at work! Our bedroom has also been decked out with all the fairy lights and a mini tree for the desk. It's crazy how much cosier the house feels with the addition of a bit more sparkle but I love it!

Successful presentation. This Thursday, I had a speaking assessment in my German class which took the form of a presentation in front of the whole class. Now, public speaking really isn't my thing, and with the added challenge of speaking in a different language, I was really nervous. But after reciting my speech non-stop all week, I went into the presentation feeling pretty confident and (thankfully) it went well! Mainly, I'm just super relieved that it's over, but I'm also pretty proud that I managed to quite well, despite my nerves!

Snow. The weather on Thursday was bitterly cold and, if I'm totally honest, I had literally been moaning about how cold I was all day. But on my way home from university, it started snowing and, suddenly, the cold didn't seem quite so bad! An evening spent watching snowflakes falling under street lamps was the the perfect way to welcome December.

Chocolate for breakfast. There are plenty of things to love about December, but the fact that advent calendars make eating chocolate for breakfast acceptable has to be one of my favourites. Somehow, Jay has ended up with FOUR advent calendars this year, whilst I've only got one trusty Moo Free calendar but I'm enjoying my daily chocolate fix, nonetheless.

Big scarves. As we've actually had snow this week, it's safe to say that it's definitely time to whip out the winter wardrobe! In an ideal world, it would be totally acceptable to wear pyjamas to work, because what's cosier than pjs, right?! But, as it's currently not acceptable to leave the house in pjs, I've been taking my biggest scarf with me, everywhere! The scarf is super cosy and almost big enough to double up as a blanket, so it's definitely making it a little less hard to face the cold weather.

Christmas music. No matter how cringy they may be, every December 1st, I cannot wait to begin the non-stop playing of Christmas classics. A month filled with Buble, Wham, Band Aid and The Pogues makes a welcome change from the usual Radio1 and, who can resist a good Christmas sing along on the journey to work in the morning?!

Giant crumpets. One of my current food obsessions is crumpets. I mean, don't get me wrong, I always love crumpets but I've been enjoying them even more than usual recently! It probably says something about my 'wild' lifestyle, that the highlight of my week was finally trying out the Warburtons giant crumpet, but it was really that good. It pretty much just tastes like a normal crumpet  but making something as delicious as a crumpet bigger can only be a good thing, right?!

Have you been enjoying any festivities this week?

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