My Favourite Vegan Chocolates {blogmas day 23}

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas is a time for giving, having fun and spending time with your loved ones but it's also a time for enjoying all of the chocolates you can get your hand on and, over the Christmas weekend, I intend to fully take advantage of that fact. As a vegan, I always like to try and be prepared with tasty vegan options to bring along to gatherings, because, on the off chance that there are no vegan options, it means I'll definitely have something to eat and, it's also a great way to showcase some tasty and easily accessible vegan options to my friends and family. So when it comes to chocolate at Christmas, I like to be well stocked with all of my favourite sweet treats because there's no way I'm missing out on Christmas chocolate! If you're looking for some vegan friendly chocolates to enjoy this Christmas, here are some of my top picks and, with everything from cheap and cheerful, treats to share and fancier chocolates you'll want to keep to yourself, there's something for everybody!

Cadbury Bournville
Christmas or not, Bournville is always my go-to treat when I fancy some chocolate. It's cheap, sweet and easy to find in most shops, what more could you want?! Although it doesn't boast any festive flavours sometimes, amongst all of the indulgence of Christmas time, a simple piece of dark chocolate is exactly what you need.

Tesco Free From Choc Selection Box
Selection boxes are one of those childhood Christmas traditions that I, kind of, don't want to let go of and honestly, why would I when a simple box filled with chocolate can be so delicious! With a mix of milk and white chocolate bars and buttons, this Tesco selection box will give you plenty of chocolate to snack on over the Christmas period.

Mint Thins
Along with chocolate orange, mint chocolate is one of the best festive flavours, and these refreshing mint thins are the perfect post-meal option for when you fancy a little chocolatey treat but don't want something too rich.

Loving Earth Salted Caramel
Though it can be hard to believe, chocolate doesn't always have to be all that unhealthy so if you'd like to indulge in some chocolatey treats without all of the artificial sweeteners, Loving Earth has a delicious range of rich, creamy chocolates that are made with only a few, relatively healthy, ingredients.

Manner Wafers
Whilst in Munich over the summer, I discovered Manner wafers and have been addicted ever since. Although they're not technically a chocolate, they are a chocolate hazelnut flavoured wafer and, oh my are they delicious! Often, over the festive period I find myself fancying a sweet treat but not really wanting to dig in to all of the chocolates so these light but flavour packed wafers are the perfect option to have on hand.

ichoc White Nougat Crisp
ichoc have an epic range of delicious vegan chocolate flavours from cookie, to orange, to hazelnut but, without a doubt, their white nougat crisp flavour has to be my favourite chocolate of all time! It's creamy, rich and, although I haven't eaten one in a long time, tastes exactly as I remember the centre of a Kinder Bueno. Before going vegan, I was always a white chocolate kind of person so this white chocolate with a hazelnut twist is my go-to festive treat when I fancy a little indulgence.

What vegan chocolates will you be enjoying this Christmas?

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