Accidentally Vegan Christmas Treats {blogmas day 13}

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

I'm a firm believer that being vegan is way easier than people think, not only are there plenty of plant based brands with amazing vegan options, there are also plenty of accidentally vegan treats to enjoy (and better yet, accidentally vegan foods tend to be way cheaper than marked vegan products)! People often ask me what I'll be eating at Christmas, and they're usually surprised to find out that there's not a salad in sight! So if you're unsure about which festive snacks are vegan friendly, here are just a few of the treats I'll be digging into when everyone else makes a start on the quality streets!

Marks and Spencer Salted Caramel Pretzel Snowflakes
Sweet, salty and crunchy, these little pretzels make the perfect Christmas party snack! Vegans and non-vegans alike will be digging in to these sweet treats but, be warned - they are dangerously moreish so you'll definitely need more than one bag!

Aldi Marzipan and Apple Stollen
With two flavours of mini stollen available - you won't be short of vegan friendly festive treats at Aldi. A simple but delicious classic - if you're a fan of bread, fruit, spice and lots of icing sugar, then these mini treats will make a perfect festive snack! I love the tangy fruit flavour of the apple stollen but if you'd prefer to keep it traditional, the marzipan is just as tasty!

Aldi Dark Chocolate Lebkuchen Hearts
These dark chocolate hearts with a soft apricot filling can only be described as the vegan equivalent to Jaffa Cakes! A simple, but nonetheless delicious, festive treat to enjoy with your afternoon cuppa.

Aldi Orange Creams
One festive treat my last Christmas was lacking was a good alternative to Quality Street and Roses chocolates because, as good as Booja Booja truffles taste, sometimes you just can't beat a cheap and cheerful fondant filled orange chocolate and these orange creams do just the trick!

Chocolate Company Salty Caramel Hot Choc Spoon
I've said it a thousand times before, but it just isn't Christmas without an abundance of hot chocolate. There are already three epic vegan hot chocolate recipes up on the blog, but this stir-in salted caramel hot chocolate is the ideal option when you just need a decadent hit of chocolatey goodness.

Which accidentally vegan treats will you be enjoying this Christmas?

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