5 Tips For A Successful Veganuary

Saturday, December 30, 2017

The start of a new year inevitably brings a whole host of resolutions and goals and, rather excitingly, this year tens of thousands of people have signed up to Veganuary and will be going vegan for the month of January. As a vegan of almost two years, I know that taking the plunge can be a little scary but, in my experience, the reality is far less scary than you might imagine it to be! With new vegan alternatives springing up by the day, veganism is becoming increasingly accessible but, as it can be tricky to get to grips with a new lifestyle, here are some tips that will make sure you have a successful (and enjoyable) Veganuary!

Be prepared. Even after almost two years of veganism, I like to make sure I'm always prepared with some good food options, so when you're new to the lifestyle, being prepared is key. In my experience, there's usually always a vegan option, but if you're not sure where to look or you're in a rush, it can never hurt to make sure you've always got a snack or two in your bag. Finding vegan options on-the-go gets much easier with experience, but, Clif, Trek and Nakd bars are some great options I like to keep on hand, in case there are no options available because, let's be real, you never want to go hungry because hanger is real.

Have fun. With new vegan cheeses, ice creams, chocolates and deserts being released all of the time, there's never been a more exciting time to try out veganism! The abundance of vegan options also means that you won't need to miss out on any of your favourite meat and dairy based treats, so go wild and try all of the vegan alternatives your heart desires. Some of my favourites are the vegan cheese pizza from Zizzi,  vegan Ben and Jerry's and Lotus Biscoff Spread but seriously, try as many things as you can and you'll be sure to find your own favourites in no time.

Get creative. While there are a ton of delicious ready made vegan foods available, as a food blogger, there's nothing I love more than getting in the kitchen and making my food from scratch. Vegan cooking and baking can be a challenge as you'll have to re-learn all of the traditional methods you already know, but figuring out how to veganise your favourite vegan treats is actually a pretty fun experiment and, what better reward is there than getting to eat everything you make?!

Use social media. Social media is one of the most useful tools you have, especially as a new vegan. With an abundance of recipe videos and what I eat in a days, you'll never be short on food ideas. Instagram, Twitter and YouTube can also be great sources of information about vegan cosmetics and cleaning supplies and they'll be the first place you hear about new accidentally vegan treats. But, most importantly, going vegan can seem isolating if you don't know any other vegans so being active on social media is a great way to get involved with a community of like-minded people, going through the same experience as you.

Remember your why. As with the formation of any new habit, the first few weeks of veganism are bound to be the hardest and before long making vegan choices will be second nature to you. But, during those harder first weeks, remembering why you decided to try out Veganuary is key. Whether you're going vegan for ethical, health or environmental reasons, keep your main motivation at the forefront of your mind, because reminding yourself of the reason for your lifestyle change will make any cravings or doubts much easier to push past.

Veganism can seem like a big (and kind of scary) jump to make, but the reality is far easier than you might imagine and, with all of the amazing resources available, you're sure to have a great Veganuary!

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