Seven Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Sunday, October 08, 2017

As always, I've had a very busy week, I'm now juggling university, work, evening classes and work experience, so it's a good job I love having a full schedule. As I'm so busy, the work week always seems to fly by and it's not until Friday night that I can slow down and reflect on my week. The week usually feels like a bit of a blur but I always try and focus on the highlights so here are some of the little things that have been making me smile this week:

- October. As the home of Halloween and all things pumpkin, October is without a doubt the most Autumnal month so, naturally, it's my favourite month of the year. In true October fashion, I've spent the first week of the month burning pumpkin scented candles, drinking lots of tea and sprinkling cinnamon on everything.

- Pizza Express. It was my sister's fourteenth birthday on Monday so, to celebrate, we went for a family meal at Pizza Express. I was a little devastated to see that the Pianta pizza had been taken off of the menu, but it did give me a chance to try out their new vegan cheese which was exactly what I needed to brighten up my Monday.

- Matcha lattes. Although I really enjoy making coffee at home, I usually find Starbucks' coffee way too bitter, so I'm always on the look out for good alternatives. My Instagram feed is always full of colourful golden mylk, beet, matcha and charcoal lattes so when I met with my dad and grandma for a catch up, I decided to branch out with an almond milk matcha latte. I really wasn't sure what to expect but it was actually really delicious and I'll definitely be ordering it again!

- Waitrose. Jay and I had a day out in Harrogate this Saturday and, as they're pretty scarce in the North, I was pretty excited to find a Waitrose. It's no exaggeration to say that food shopping is my favourite kind of shopping (in fact, its the only kind of shopping I enjoy) so I really just went in to browse (weird, I know). I did have to treat myself to some sugar-free blueberry jam and a date and ginger sourdough loaf which made a perfect lunch when we got home.

The Apprentice. Along with Bake Off, The Apprentice is one of the only 'proper' TV shows I watch anymore as most things are on Netflix. There's just something about the intense, tension filled nature of this programme that makes for great TV (plus, Karen and Claude are hilarious). As Jay and I have German class on Wednesday night it was a bit of a rush to get home and make snacks in time for the start of the show but we made it, just, and it was definitely worth the rush.

- Midweek Pret lunches. I am literally the worst at planning lunches so most days I end up eating apples and cereal bars which, if I'm honest, is neither satisfying nor exciting. This Wednesday, I had a little time between University and work experience so I jumped at the chance of a Pret lunch. I  went for a warming carrot and coriander soup with bread and, in the spirit of October, I had to try the soy pumpkin flat white which was just as good as it sounds.

- Dissertation planning. I had the first meeting with my dissertation supervisor this week and my project is suddenly feeling very real. I was really nervous for the meeting but the chance to talk about my ideas with someone has actually eased my nerves and I'm now feeling very excited to get started on all of my research.

What's been making you smile on the first week of the best month of the year?

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  1. Your photography is beautiful! I love this list of favourites! I think Matcha Lattes are so tasty - the perfect creamy and sweet treat. I haven't tuned into The Apprentice this year yet but this makes me want to!

    1. Thank you! I'd definitely give The Apprentice a go! There are some pretty funny contestants!