Seven Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Sunday, September 24, 2017

As this was the last week of my summer break from university, I had a pretty hectic schedule between my job, work experience and making sure I was ready for the start of the semester. The busy week was definitely worthwhile as I'm feeling so much more prepared for University and managed to get so much done at work (plus, a chilled out weekend feels even better after a crazy week)! I'm definitely looking forward to getting back to studying, but I'm finishing the week feeling a little daunted that I'm starting my final year of University tomorrow like, seriously, when did I get so old?! But between a lot of work and my pre-uni nerves, here are some of the things that have been making me smile this week:

- Caramel week on Bake Off. Tuesday night or, as I prefer to call it, Bake Off night is probably the highlight of my week but I was especially excited for this week's caramel centric episode. Luckily I had prepared some salted caramel brownies to enjoy with a cuppa in front of Bake Off as all of the caramel-ey goodness made me very hungry!

- Freshly baked bread. I strongly believe that bread is one of life's simple pleasures, it's just so good (and I can really put it away). Now, unlike many (misinformed) people, I don't look at carbs as the devil, so there's no bread restriction going on around here. I do, however, believe that whole foods are the best foods, so I am wary of eating too many processed breads filled with ingredients I don't even recognise! For this reason, I got my apron on this weekend to put together a loaf with a much more minimal ingredient list and after enjoying the delicious bakery-esque smell wafting through the house and the reward of a homemade slice of toast, I think I'll be baking bread more often!

- Warm showers on cold nights. I am in no way exaggerating when I say that I was truly devastated when our shower broke at the beginning of this week meaning I had to use the bath. I know that for some people, baths are the epitome of relaxation, but I'm a shower gal through and through and I just cannot enjoy a bath. After what felt like a lifetime of baths, the shower was fixed midweek and I don't think I've ever been happier to have a long, hot shower followed by a cosy night in my pjs.

- Getting better at box jumps. Anyone who knows me knows that I am extremely clumsy (think Miranda Hart level clumsy). There can be absolutely nothing in my way and I'll manage to trip over thin air and drop to the ground. While my lifelong affliction may be pretty funny, it definitely limits my gracefulness and agility so box jumps never seemed like something I'd be any good at. But with Jay's encouragement, I tried them nevertheless and with a lot of perseverance (and a few scraped shins), they're now one of the best parts of my gym routine and I'm not all that bad at them!

- Misty morning walks. Jay and I decided to make the most of our Saturday morning by getting up at the crack of dawn for an early morning walk. It was so nice to enjoy a peaceful sunrise on a chilly Autumn morning and the eerie mist made for some beautiful pictures.

- Reading. In true English student style, I've been making the most of my last week off before University by, you guessed it, reading. Any free time I have for leisurely reading will drop dramatically after this week, so I've been making the most of chilled out afternoons, with a book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. I'm currently multitasking with two books on the go - War and Peace and The Road (both of which I am thoroughly enjoying and am determined not to neglect once classes start)!

Pizza night. Saturday night is always pizza night for Jay and I and it always feels more exciting and well deserved after a busy week. I don't know about you, but I think a Saturday night in front of the TV with a pizza in hand is the perfect way to spend my last weekend off!

So I had a hectic work week which I compensated for by having the most chilled out weekend, because balance is key and being able to get stuff done and relax definitely put a smile on my face. What made you smile this week?

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