Seven Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Autumn well and truly arrived this week and with it came a whole lot of rain, as well as some beautifully crisp mornings! I actually had to use the heater in my car most mornings to warm up my hands and aside from the mad dash from my car to work to avoid crazy rain induced curls, I've been loving the (long awaited) arrival of more Autumnal weather! Aside from the start of my favourite season, here are a few things that have been making me smile this week:

- Homemade fruit crumble. After spending the last few weeks admiring the blackberry filled bramble bushes, I finally decided to pick some and make the most of the free fruit before they're all gone! Along with my blackberry harvest I also used some pears from our garden and some apples to make a delicious, warming and cinnamon filled crumble (served with vegan custard, of course). 

- Catching up over fajitas. I met up with a friend for lunch this week to have a little catch up before the start of university in a couple of weeks. We headed to our favourite spot, The Alchemist, for some epic food. I always go for their sizzling veggie fajitas which come to the table looking amazing on a smoking hot plate but most importantly of all, they taste amazing, especially with a side of salty fries.

- Marks and Spencer's fig & hazelnut loaf. I always try my best to make sure my snacks for The Great British Bake Off match the theme of the week so I was on the hunt for a delicious doughy treat for bread week. As always, the M&S bakery turned up with the goods and I came across a beautiful fig and hazelnut bread which opened my eyes to the ingenious idea of adding nuts to sweet bread. Toasted and spread with peanut butter and jam, this loaf made the perfect Bake Off snack. 

- New (old) piercings. Before working in a pizza place, I actually had quite a few ear piercings but due to food safety, all of my earrings had to come out and most of them healed up. Luckily, I don't work around pizza anymore, so when my friend suggested getting a piercing after our lunch time catch up, I jumped at the chance to get one of my favourite piercings re-done. I decided to re-pierce my tragus, and I'm just as in love with the piercing this time around as I was before. I've definitely picked up the piercing bug again and I'm already mentally planning my next one (oops).

- Pub quizzes. We went to an 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' themed pub quiz this week, and while I wasn't really sure what to expect, it was actually hilarious and lots of fun! Although we were just there to enjoy ourselves, the perfectionist in me wanted to do well so I was pretty happy to finish the quiz in third place with only two wrong answers! 

- Sourdough crumpets. Crumpets, along with most bread-based baked goods, are a weakness of mine, especially because toasted and spread with jam, they taste like the fluffiest cakes (what's not to love)?! As it happens, sourdough is my holy grail of breads, and whilst perusing M&S for Bake Off snacks, I came across sourdough crumpets aka a match made in heaven - needless to say, I couldn't resist! As expected, they were perfectly fluffy and tasted divine, 10 out of 10 would recommend!

- Vegan Ben and Jerry's. After over a year of jealously watching American vegans enjoy dairy free Ben and Jerry's, the ice-creams finally made it over to British shelves! I cannot even express how excited I was to get a hold of a pint of the good stuff! So far I've only managed to find the fudge brownie flavour but it tasted just as good as I had expected! Needless to say, I'm (impatiently) waiting to try out the peanut butter cookie and chunky monkey flavours and after a taste of fudgey goodness, I've got very high expectations!

As it turns out, this has been a very  food centric week! There's just something about cold, rainy weather that calls for comfort food and I've definitely enjoyed every mouthful. What's been putting a smile on your face this week?

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  1. I SO want to try the vegan Ben and Jerrys too. I've been waiting for it for so long - I can't eat too much dairy without being ill, so normal ice cream is a no-go for me unfortunately

    Steph -

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The vegan Ben and Jerry's is definitely worth a try, if you can get your hands on it! But Alpro and Swedish Glace also have some really nice dairy free ice creams that are easily available and a cheaper too!