Seven Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Although university doesn't start until the end of September, because I work in a school, this was the last week of my summer break. I'm actually pretty excited to get back to work and into a routine but I definitely wanted to make the most of my last week off, so here are a few of the things that have been making me smile this week!

- The Game of Thrones finale! Without giving away any spoilers (although, if you've not watched the episode by now, what's up with that)?! The finale was, as expected, epic! It was actually a little slower paced and less action filled than some of the show's previous series finales, but it was really interesting and I cannot wait until the next season airs.

- Cosy oversized hoodies. Jay and I were doing some shopping this week and decided to treat ourselves to a new hoodie. It's oversized, soft, super cosy and I'm pretty sure it'll be my second skin this autumn.

- The Great British Bake Off. Like the rest of Britain, I tuned into Channel 4 on Tuesday with baited breath - half excited and half nervous about what to expect from Bake Off's move from the BBC. But fear not, the show was just as good as ever and, as always, made me feel like autumn is here! Mary, Mel and Sue were definitely missed, but I was surprised that I actually really liked Prue, Sandy and especially Noel, who added a whole lot of quirky humour to the show.

- The arrival of Autumn. The start of September fills me with so much excitement every year, partly because I'm a bit of a geek and love the start of the academic year, but mainly because it means autumn is finally here! I know, the season doesn't technically start until later in the month, but along with the last of the summer flowers, there are blackberries everywhere and even some fallen leaves so the season is close enough for me!

- Tea and digestive biscuits. Plain digestives may not be the most exciting biscuit choice, but they've always been my favourite and, for me, there's no cosier feeling than sitting down with a book, a cuppa and a couple of digestives (for dunking, of course).

- Ice creams in the park. Although I'm clearly very excited for Autumn to arrive, I don't totally hate Summer! So when my friend and I took her little brother to the park to feed the ducks, we made the most of the fact that it's still technically summer and treated ourselves to an ice cream. I may have shivered my way through my Calippo, but it only seemed right to have at least one ice-cream in the park before summer is over. 

- Finishing my university reading. Since getting back from Germany, I've been powering through my reading for this semester at university and I managed to finish this week, just in time for going back to work. I've still got a lot of research and planning to do for my dissertation and there's always secondary reading to do, but it feels really good to know that all of my primary reading for the semester is done!

I definitely had a good week, although a lot of it was spent simply enjoying my last chance to relax before jumping back into the madness at work! What's been making you smile this week? 

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  1. I love autumn so much! So when I found out it's September already, I started preparing – cozy sweaters, hot drinks and colorful walks. :)