Seven Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Sunday, August 27, 2017

In between dog-sitting and some pretty crazy weather, I've been relatively house bound this week. I've definitely been making the most of a quiet week and have spent a lot of time wrapped up in my dressing gown, drinking tea, reading and generally feeling cosy - so there's no complaints here! But aside from enjoying my cosy week filled with lots of cuddles from Ruby the dog, here's what else has been putting a smile on my face this week.

- Dog walking. Walking is one of those things I really enjoy but rarely take the time to do but as we've been looking after Ruby this week, I've actually had a reason to put on my headphones, get outside and enjoy a long walk around the lake at Roundhay Park.

- Trying a new vegetarian cafe. A friend and I met up for a catch up this week and tried out a local veggie cafe for lunch. The cafe was really nice and had a great range of vegan options although, being as adventurous as I am, I ended up going for one of my favourites, soup and sourdough toast which definitely didn't disappoint. But most importantly of all, they had vegan cake (and it was delicious)!

- Accidentally vegan garlic bread. I am a huge garlic bread fiend and when it comes to garlic, all respect for serving suggestions goes out of the window and I'm putting the stuff away by the baguette (no shame). So, needless to say, I was a little gutted to have to give it up when I went vegan but, fear not, Tesco Value garlic baguette is accidentally vegan and it is delicious. It made the perfect addition to my huge bowl of pasta during Monday evening's episode of Game of Thrones (which was almost as good as the garlic bread, almost).

- Movie nights. I'm actually pretty terrible at watching movies because I usually either get distracted by something or, more often, fall asleep before the film is over. But, with nothing else to watch, Jay and I put on 21 Jump Street this week and I finally made it through the film without snoozing (third time lucky). As expected, the film was hilarious, and it was nice to have a phone free evening and just chill out in front of a film.

- Pears & blackberries. The pear tree in our garden has really been filling up with fruit lately and I've been noticing blackberries absolutely everywhere. All of the seasonal fruit has been making me feel even more ready for Autumn and more specifically, all of the fruit crumbles I'll be making with the fruit from the garden.

- Banana bread. As always, I've been in the kitchen this week, this time working on my banana bread recipe. There's a banana bread recipe already on the blog but I put it together quite a while ago, when I was just getting used to vegan baking, so a new and improved recipe will be up very soon! The banana bread was delicious, with the added bonus of being healthy enough that I don't feel too bad about polishing it all off to myself!

- Binge watching sitcom reruns. As I've been housesitting this week, I've spent most of the week in the house and I definitely needed some good comedy to pass the time. Obviously you can never beat Friends, which was luckily being played from the beginning on Comedy Central this week (fate), but I've also been loving Brooklyn 99 which is unbelievably funny!

So, as I'm sure you can imagine, I've spent the majority of this week cry laughing at the tv whilst eating plenty of good food and I've loved every minute! What's been making you smile this week?

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