Seven Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Sunday, August 20, 2017

I've had one of those weird kinds of weeks when, looking back I've not had many plans, but have still somehow managed to be busy everyday! And as with every busy week, (as well as some stress) there have been plenty of things to smile about, so here's what's been making me smile this week.

1. Reading. Reading has always been one of my favourite pastimes but, rather ironically, since starting an English Literature degree, I've had absolutely no time for reading - or should I say, reading  books I actually want to read, because there's always more of my reading list to get on with. So I always make the most of my free time in Summer and start making my way through the books collecting dust on my shelf, and I often forget just how relaxing and enjoyable sitting down with a cuppa and a book can be when you're not rushing to do your reading for tomorrow's 9am seminar!

2. New hair cuts. I am the worst for putting off hair cuts, or just forgetting to book them, but during the heatwave in Munich, my curly hair resembled something between Monica Geller in Barbados and Hagrid. So when I got home, I was desperate to sort my mane out and there's nothing quite like the sleek, lightweight feel of salon fresh hair.

3. Clothes shopping. Generally, the only kind of shopping I can get excited about is food shopping (because, priorities). Clothes shopping never takes my fancy and the only thing that will get me on board with a day of shopping is the promise of a coffee stop (or two). But this week I had a (rare) successful shopping trip and actually managed to find a new dress and some dungarees for work that I absolutely love!

4. Pret's coconut hot chocolate. I mean do I really need to say more?! This was possibly the creamiest and most delicious coffee shop hot chocolate that I've had in a long time - it was the kind of drink that I had to double (and triple) check was actually vegan whilst drinking it because it was that decadent.

5. Running. Jay and I started running last spring and for a while it was our main form of exercise, but in the past few months it has definitely taken a backseat to the gym. But this week, the slightly colder weather seemed perfect for a run so I headed out for an early morning run. And, although it definitely wasn't the longest or fastest run, it definitely reminded me how good you feel when you start the day with some outdoor cardio.

6. Jamaican ginger cake. I've been recipe testing a vegan Jamaican ginger cake for the past couple of weeks, and lets just say I've not been complaining about all of the cake I've had to eat! You just can't beat sitting down to an episode of Gilmore Girls with a slice (or three) of sticky ginger cake and a hot cuppa.

7. Bullet journalling. After getting back from my holiday, I finally started a bullet journal after umming and ahhing about it for a while. Although I've only been using my journal for a couple of weeks, I already feel like I've been a whole lot more organised. I've found it so helpful in giving some structure to my days in the summer holidays and I've been managing to fill up days when I really have no plans whatsoever when before, I might have just sat down to binge watch Netflix.

What's been making you smile this week?

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  1. I've just started my bullet journal too! It's honestly so therapeutic to decorate and keeps me so much more organised than before. I love posts like this to see what other people have gotten up to this week which has made them happy. The coconut hot chocolate sounds so dreamy too! Loved the post xx

    1. Yes! The bullet journal is such a great way to be creative and get way more organised! And believe me, the hot chocolate was to die for! Glad you enjoyed the post!