Vegan Banana Bread Recipe

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Recently I've seen quite a few banana bread recipes floating around and being a huge banana lover, I couldn't resist putting my own recipe together! I managed to create a recipe that's super easy and delicious as well as being pretty healthy as it's totally oil and refined sugar free!

You will need:
- 200g self raising flour
- 1/2 tea spoons of baking powder
- 3 ripe bananas (they need to be spotty)
- 3 medjool dates 
- maple syrup 
- a handful of walnuts 
- almond milk
- ground cinnamon 
- ground nutmeg
- ground ginger 
- peanut butter 

To start, heat your oven to 200 degrees. Then mash up your bananas - you can either use a food processor or a fork but as long as they're ripe they should be super easy to mash! Then chop up your dates as finely as you can and mix into the bananas along with a glug of maple syrup and a few teaspoons of peanut butter. 

Now it's time to add the dry ingredients so roughly chop your walnuts and stir in along with the flour and baking powder. Then add your spices to your taste. If needs be, add a little almond milk to loosen the mixture a little. Finally add another glug of maple syrup for good measure and transfer to a loaf tin. 

Next, place your loaf in the oven for 15 minutes, then cover with foil and place back in the oven for around another 30 minutes - you'll know it's ready when you stick a knife in and it comes out clean! 

Once cooked, allow the loaf to cool for about 20 minutes before removing from the tin, then it's ready to serve - with a cup of tea, of course! 

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