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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Well, Happy Valentine's Day to all who are celebrating and Happy Sunday to all who aren't! All in all its been a pretty good week - here's what I've been up to!

- The second semester of university is in full swing and (unfortunately) the first assignment has been set! Though I'm not too excited about the deadline, after such a long Christmas it is nice to have something other than laying in bed watching Netflix all day to fill my time. 

- This week brought pancake day with it (hallelujah)! It's one of my favourite celebrations, but let's be honest, any holiday centred around food is my favourite! I opted for a somewhat healthy pancake recipe which was totally plant based and it was delicious! Of course after pancake day comes the considerably less exciting task of giving something up for lent... This year I've gone for cheese which is going to be pretty hard - wish me luck! 

- One of our rabbits, Gatsby, turned one this week, he's still pretty tiny but compared to when we first brought him home, he's huge! He celebrated with some bunny treats and plenty of hay!

- Finally the week ended with Valentine's Day! As I work every Sunday afternoon, Jay and I are celebrating with a lazy Sunday morning in bed (which isn't too dissimilar to every other Sunday). However this Sunday does have presents! We went for mainly food centric presents because nothing beats food, right? Jay also got me some lovely flowers! My manager has warned me to expect a ridiculously busy shift tonight (but fingers crossed I'll make it home in time for call the midwife)!

What have you been up to this week? 

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