Reasons to love Winter

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Once all the excitement of Christmas is over, it's easy to feel down about the remaining two months of coldness and darkness before spring arrives and I for one often spend the majority of the season wishing for summer to arrive. But recently it dawned on me that I'm always wishing time away, in Summer, I wish for Autumn, in Autumn it's all about Christmas and so on. I decided to try and be a little more appreciative of what's going on right now, so here are a few of the reasons that I love Winter! 

- Some may see the cold and dark as a purely negative thing but, to me they're the perfect excuse to spend more time in cosy PJs, drinking tea and watching films, or great TV because a ton of great shows always start in January! 

- The Wintery weather makes for some beautiful scenery (hello blog photos)! The frost and snow are just gorgeous, even the bare trees hold beauty in my eyes.

- Though most trees are bare in this season, there is still colour to be found, and Winter gives an opportunity to notice the vibrancy and beauty of plants that may be overshadowed in the sunnier months. 

- After Christmas comes an inevitable clear out and tidy up and I for one, always feel much more refreshed and more motivated once all the clutter has been tidied away.

What are your favourite things about Winter? 

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  1. What a positive, happy post this is Ciara! I love it and always wonder why people feel so miserable about winter...granted, getting up in the dark and driving home with big headlines is a bit gloomy, but there are so many good things too! My favourite things about winter are the fact I can wear flannel pyajamas after a bath and not feel like I'm boiling to death (worst thing about summer evenings, in my opinion!), and I love that winter means it's cold at night. It gives me the perfect excuse to spoon my lovely boyfriend until morning, hurray!


    1. yeah, Winter definitely isn't my favourite, but it's here nevertheless so we may as well focus on the positives! :) x

  2. I love winter! Which is very odd for me since I live in a tropical country but I just love the cold weather with or without snow! I love wearing cozy clothes and I also love the feeling of freezing my fingers off (odd, I know) And I do agree that great shows starts in January!

    Mia xx | Chaotic Tales

    1. Cosy clothes are my favourite! I'm not a fan of freezing cold fingers, but so long as I'm all wrapped up, I'm happy!

  3. I never mind the cold weather I just haaate days that are windy! There's not as much of a pretty view here in Australia though, with the lack of snow! I love being all
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination