Blogmas Day Eleven: My Christmas Traditions!

Friday, December 11, 2015

I don't think I'm alone in having an annual Christmas bucket list (of sorts) - we all have festive traditions that Christmas just wouldn't be complete without - here are mine!

- Attempting to try all of the limited edition drinks in Starbucks and Costa. This is definitely easier said than done - Starbucks don't tend to have too many options whereas Costa's list is growing by the year! I've already dedicated a blogmas post to my Costa favourites this year!

- Watching Elf (about 300 times). 

- Christmas PJs! This is possibly my favourite Christmassy tradition as its one that's lasted since I was a little girl. Last year I sported a red and white reindeer number (and I loved it)!

- The German Market! I'm lucky that Leeds has a great German Market that I visit several times each December - though the downside to such a great market is the unavoidable crowds. But I am prepared to battle any crowd to get my hands on the candied nuts that are sold every year!

- A festive family day in the days before Christmas! This year's is scheduled for the 23rd and I cant wait! There's movies, board games, bucks fizz and of course delicious food (thank you marks and spencers)!

- The Christmas TV guide! In my house, my mum gets the Radio Times while the rest of us are left with a cheaper version! There's nothing I love more than reading through the Christmas TV guide and selecting all of the soaps, specials and movies I want need to watch over the Christmas period! 

What are your Christmas traditions?

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