Blogmas Day Thirteen: A Week In Words!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

This has been the most relaxing week I've had in quite a while as I managed to book the weekend off work! I usually don't mind working weekends but in the run up to Christmas, it's always nice to have that little bit more free time spare for all of the business of the festive season!

- This week the first semester of university finished - yay! Because universities don't have half term holidays, I was expecting the first semester to last forever but it actually flew by! Honestly, I didn't really enjoy the first few weeks of the semester but as I found my feet and made some really good friends I actually began to really enjoy it - I am glad of the break though!

- I've been indulging in festive treats maybe a little too much recently, but hey, there are only a few weeks in the year when it's totally acceptable to pig out so I'm making the most of it! I'm not being totally unhealthy though as I am keeping up with the gym.

- As I had Saturday off work, Jay and I decided to have a festive day! We both wore Christmas jumpers, watched films, ate quality street and did some festive baking aka my idea of a perfect day!

- To finish off the week, my family went out for a meal to celebrate my stepdad's birthday as he's going to be 50 on Tuesday! We went to a really nice pub and though their vegetarian options were a bit limited, it was the perfect end to a great week!

I've made the most of a relaxing week and as there are now less than two weeks till Christmas(!!) stress levels are sure to go up from here on out! What have you been up to this week?

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