Hello Autumn!

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Entering into September can mean only one thing, Autumn is approaching! While most people desperately await the heat of Summer days, I can think of nothing better than the cool crisp weather of Autumn.

I could probably think of a million and one reasons why Autumn is my favourite season, but I'll just tell you a few;
  • Being the total geek that I am, September and the start of Autumn means I get to start a new school year. I'm sure many people wish for an endless summer holiday, whereas, by the end of the summer holidays I cannot wait to get back to my school work.
  • Of course as a lover of Autumn I adore the sound of the crisp leaves crunching under my feet.
  • the colder weather gives me the perfect excuse to drink plenty of hot chocolate loaded with cream and marshmallows!
  • I absolutely love autumn fashion; knitted jumpers, boots, checked scarves and big coats!
  • Halloween! Despite being 'too old' for trick or treating, no one can pass up free sweets so I like to 'borrow' a few of my little sister's trick or treat goodies. Not only do I love it for the sweets but I just think Halloween is just such fun! Decorations, costumes, pumpkin carving. What's not to love?
So there's just a few of the reasons I just love Autumn, what's your favourite season?

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